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Dahua Default Password

This guide shows you what password you can use as default to get started with your Dahua DVR. Continue reading to the end to learn how to centrally control and manage all your passwords, including that of your Dahua device, with our top-notch solution.


The initial administrator ID is “admin” and the password should be set when logging in for the first time. Please change your password every three months to safely protect personal information and to prevent the damage of the information theft.

What Is a Default Password

The default password of a machine or service is a passcode set by the vendor or developer to help the user through its first run. Common default passwords include “admin”, “password”, “guest”, or the manufacturer’s brand name. Companies generally assign a single default passcode for the same service, model, or batch of products. This is also true for some online services, in which the user needs to enter a default piece of information on their first sign-in. 

Default login info can also be found on the company’s official website or in their published manuals. In addition, many websites post compiled lists of default login info that are tagged by brand, product, and model. The bottom line is, a single default password is the default configuration for numerous devices. And this is seen as a threat from the security standpoint.

Risk of data breaches using default passwords

If you don’t change your default password and use the same passcode forever, you are actually putting your device and data at risk of breach. Your unchanged default password is an effortless attack vector for hackers to access your device and private information. In case your device is connected to a corporate network, this cyber threat flares throughout the company.

Essentially, default passwords are simple placeholders. They should be treated as disposable pieces of information, only to be replaced by appropriate passwords. Some companies enforce a change of default password by prompting the user to take action immediately after the first login, such that they cannot proceed otherwise. However, the safest and most convenient way to go about this is creating and storing new passwords using a reliable password manager.

Dahua DVR Default Login Info

Dahua Technology is a Chinese company that markets video surveillance products and services. There are a few combinations available for you to use as the default username and password on your Dahua DVR device. The table below shortlists four different combinations, each characterized by a specific role.

Username Password Role
admin admin Master account
888888 888888 Administrator
666666 666666 Restrict User
default default Hidden User

After you successfully access the device using any of the login information above, your Dahua DVR will ask you to create a new password. 

If you’re locked out of your Dahua device because you changed the default password but can’t remember it, your only option is to reset the device. You can either press the reset button or remove the battery and wait a couple of minutes to carry out a factory reset.

Always create strong passwords for your Dahua devices. But a strong and complex password is like a double-edged sword; it protects you from breaches, but it’s hard to remember. If you have a hard time remembering your login credentials, you should get a good password manager that creates, encrypts, and stores your login and other secret data.

Why You Need a Password Manager

Changing your passwords is not a one-off action. You must change them periodically to ensure maximum security against cybercriminals and snoopers. Organizing these changes is a crucial endeavor and should not be overlooked. This task is best to be taken care of by a dedicated entity. Meet Passwarden! Passwarden makes your cyber-life a lot easier and puts your “password chaos” in order.

Passwarden by KeepSolid helps you take full charge of all your passwords, including that of your Dahua DVR. Passwarden generates long and unguessable passcodes that are hard to crack by bots. Your passwords and other sensitive data will be stored in secure vaults. Should you wish to share your login info with any individual, you create a vault containing the data and share it with restricted access instead of divulging it through email or messenger.

Passwarden applies state-of-the-art encryption for the maximum protection of your data. This technology makes your data unreadable for unwelcome parties. Additionally, Passwarden enforces Multi-Factor Authentication, so your identity is verified upon entering the master passcode at each login.

Your passwords validate you. Protect your identity with Passwarden

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