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What is Cloud Key and How to Use It in a Safer Way?

The UniFi cloud key is a stand-alone device that can run configurations for many things. It could configure and manage dozens of UniFi devices in the network, for example, UniFi Access Points and Security Gateway routers. The Cloud Key could also replace a dedicated server or computer. As a matter of fact, you can choose to install a Windows or Linux app to do the same thing, but there are certain things that you can’t run with an app such as protection and access. Therefore, if you want multiple APs or captive portals, a cloud key is the solution for you. Actually, the UniFi Cloud Key is a low-energy solution as well. 


The UniFi cloud key default password is managed by a controller. This controller is a software that people use to manage and adapt UniFi devices in the network. This very controller software could be run in many ways – Windows, Mac, Amazon AWS, etc. The Cloud Key is a stand-alone device that runs the controller software.


What is the Default Password?

Basically, a default password, together with the username are the log-in information needed to access a device or a service. Usually, it is provided for users to access during initial setup, or after resetting the service/device to factory defaults. For instance, for UniFi cloud key default password, when setting up, you will enter your cloud key default username and password.


Some devices use a simple passphrase, for example, “admin” for all their devices/services, this way they are expecting users to change the username passphrase during the configuration process. Normally the default passphrase is written in the instruction manual or on the device. Other devices (such as routers) may come with a unique default username and passphrase printed on a paper or sticker, to make it more secure compared to a common default username and passphrase.


Be careful, when you are using default passphrases you are putting your cyber safety at risk! Because that way attackers can easily access your internet-connected computers using default username and passphrase that are shared. Always remember to change your default credentials!

Cloud Key Default Login and Password

For UniFi Cloud Key Default Password, the default login is ubnt/ubnt. That means when the UniFi Setup Wizard finishes, the Controller management interface will appear. You may log in with the cloud key default username and password that you created, from then you’ll be able to manage your UniFi devices as well as view network statistics using the UniFi Controller management interface.

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Why Is Password Security So Important?

As the internet world takes up more and more of our time and space, it has grown to be essential to safeguard your online assets, especially your passwords. However, are you aware of any methods that can keep them safe? Here are some of them, let’s take a look:


  • Using a strong password. Remember to create your passphrase with a length between eight to twenty characters and use as many characters as you can. You may want to make a blend of symbols, numbers, upper- and lower-case letters.
  • Do not use identical passwords for different accounts. Always create new passphrases instead of using the same one when you are creating a new account. It’s possible that you already have the same passphrase for different websites. Now is the time to fix it and try not to use the same one again.
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