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What to Do If You Forget Your MacBook Password?

Technological devices have become a significant part of our lives. We depend on our mobile phones, our computers, and other smart devices to interact with each other and transmit information from one device to another. In recent years, working remotely has become a normal practice and this has increased the use of devices in business. Consequently, it has also increased the risk that the user might forget the passwords they need to access these devices and various accounts.


To keep our private accounts safe from unauthorized access, we are often advised to create highly complex passwords that are difficult to crack. A strong passcode makes it nearly impossible for a hacker to penetrate your account, and it is, therefore, important to put more effort when creating a password so that you can be safe while online. In this article, we will provide a guide to creating a strong password for your MacBook, and we will also provide tips to follow in case you forget your MacBook password.


Why are Strong Passwords Easy to Forget?

Features of a strong password for your MacBook

  • A strong password is a kind that cannot be easily guessed by a third party. When creating a password for your MacBook, you must avoid using meaningful phrases or details that can be associated with you in any manner.
  • Do not use a pattern or a sequence of numbers or letters, such as 12345.  
  • Always ensure that you use a combination of special characters, numerical values, and upper- and lower- case letters.
  • Create longer passwords for increased complexity. When a passcode has 10 or more characters, it will be harder to crack than a shorter one.

By applying these few tips, you stand a better chance of keeping your device safe.


What to Do If You Forget Your MacBook Password?

If you create a lot of complex passwords, there is a high possibility that you may forget them. Not having an efficient way to store your passwords carries a high risk of you being locked out of your device or your account due to a password you forgot.

Many people often wonder what to do if they forgot their MacBook passwords and below, we will guide you on the steps to follow.


Steps to follow to Reset MacBook Login Password

  1. Restart your MacBook. Once it has restarted, enter the wrong password thrice.
  2. A message telling you that you can use your Apple ID to reset your credentials will appear beneath the password entry, click on that message.
  3. Enter your Apple ID and password and click “Reset Password”.
  4. Your computer will reboot into Recovery Assistant, and a window asking you to reset your password will appear. Enter your new details and click “Next

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other platforms

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How do password managers help you never forget your passcodes?

Password managers exist to remove the burden of creating unique and complex passwords and having to remember these passcodes every time we want to use our accounts or devices. Great password managers are effective in aiding users to create passwords that cannot be hacked due to their level of complexity. Every person who wants to keep their MacBook or any other device safe from unauthorized access must have a reliable password manager.

What Are The Benefits You Can Enjoy by Using Passwarden?

If you are looking for a reliable and effective tool to store your passwords, Passwarden is what you need. This is a trusted passcode manager that gives you great benefits and features to tighten your password security. Passwarden aids you to generate, store and manage passwords and other types of data such as your banking details, login credentials, and other important data.

Passwarden meets and exceeds the industry standards of a great password manager because it gives you access to the following great benefits.


Two-Factor Authentication

As a password management tool, Passwarden makes it hard for anyone else but you to get access to your stored passcodes. It uses two types of authentication methods to ensure that you are the right person to access your passcodes. You must authenticate using an Email or the Authenticator App every time you log in to your Passwarden account.

Data encryption

Using AES-256 and ЕС р-384 data encryption protocols, this password management solution makes sure that your stored data is encrypted and unreadable even if anyone gets into your account.

Duress Mode

If someone ends up succeeding in getting into your Passwarden account by forcing you to share your Master Password, they will still not be able to see highly confidential data that you have stored in other Vaults that require a duress password to open.

Keep your data safe by using one of the best passcode managers!